Sweet Watermelon Skittles flavoured popcorn

Sweet Watermelon Skittles flavoured popcorn

I always want to make sweet popcorn so decided to try out a combination of various recipes and tips to make Sweet Watermelon Skittles flavoured popcorn.


• 2 cup plain of popping corn

• 3 tablespoon oil

• 2 oz butter

• 1/4 cup sugar

• 1/8 cup of lightly crushed sweet melon Skittles

• Green food colouring

• Non stick flat tray or grease proof paper


1. Heat oil in a pan then add popcorn. Cook as normal. Once done, spread the popcorn onto a non stick tray/grease proof paper

2. Melt butter and sugar on the stove on medium heat. Make sure you keep stirring to avoid the mixture from burning or over boiling.

3. Add the lightly crushed Skittles to the pan and keep stirring. You may need to crush the Skittles further whilst cooking them to help them melt.

4. The mixture will be the consistency of a thick caramel sauce. If you think it’s too thick add a bit more butter to the pan and keep mixing

**This mixture is very hot so be careful when handling it **

5. Add some green food colouring to the sauce to enhance the colour

6. Once cooked pour the mixture over the popcorn. You have to be quick here because the mixture will start to harden.

7. I dabbed the mixture onto the popcorn as I went along. It’s not the easiest of tasks and I didn’t manage to fully coat the popcorn however I think that gave them a better texture.

8. The grease proof paper comes in handy at this stage; you can fold it and try and get the popcorn to pick up any more sauce

9. The popcorn does stick together however you can separate them once the mixture has cooled down.

10. It takes about 10 minutes to fully set.

11. If stored in airtight containers this should last a couple of days.

Apologies for the lack of photos; I was too engrossed trying to make sure nothing burnt, including my fingers!

You can use any flavoured skittles you want but try and stick to just the one colour/flavour. I think this is a great idea for parties. It’s also a nice sweet treat. The popcorn does not taste as sickly as the ones you but in the shop either. I cannot wait to try out different ingredients to come up with various flavours.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post. If you tried the recipe out let me know how you got on.

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