The Curry Show, BBC Radio Leicester

The Curry Show, BBC Radio Leicester

A year ago (30/04/18, well almost) I went along as a dinner guest to BBC Radio Leicester for the Curry Show. It is the first radio show on the BBC that is dedicated to Curry and there is no better place to have it than the UK’s home of curry, Leicester.


The show is run from the BBC Radio Leicester Kitchen every Monday from 7pm – 9pm. It is all about great food and great conversation so what’s not to like right?

The Curry Show has had some big names including Paralympian and Celebrity Masterchef contestant Stef Reid, Artistic director of Curve Nikolai Foster, Actor Jassa Ahluwalia from Peaky Blinders, Award Winning BBC News TV cameraman Bhasker Solanki and World Famous Dancer and Choreographer Aakash Odedra to name just a few.

The show features restaurants in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland and has had interest from some in London.

On my visit the chef from Spice of India in Syston, a family business opened in 1991, was cooking for us. Some other chefs who have been on are Pratik from Lilu Restaurant, Aarti from The Pantry, Binny from Sanctua & Dan Toombs from the Curry Guy on the show.

I always manage to listen to parts of the show on my way home on a Monday and pick up little tips from the chefs. It also gives me inspiration for dinner ideas. It is refreshing to hear about the talent in our area.

On my visit Anand Bhatt hosted the show and I was a dinner guest alongside the Dean of Leicester, David Monteith.

The chef made some delicious Fish Tawa for us which was served with rice and paired with Sauvignon Blanc. On the radio you can listen to what goes into the dishes they make and request recipes too.

Dinner guests are requested to pick a song that will be aired on the radio. I went for “Jambo Bwana”. I was born and raised in Kenya until I was 17 and that is the period I learnt a lot of my culinary skills.

Once we ate our flavoursome fish David & I had a challenge set for us. We were given some spices and prawns and asked to make a dish.


David and I chose to make some Chilli & Garlic prawns. Despite cooking them for 15 minutes the chef from Spice Kitchen said they were needed a bit longer where as David and I thought they were nice and juicy! We had well combined flavours and got good marks for presentation.

I did not know what to expect on the show and in hindsight I could have prepared a bit more but it was my first show so I can only learn.

Being a dinner guest on BBC radio Leicester was a great experience and I feel privileged to have been on their curry show.

Make sure you tune in every Monday to get that Curry Fever 105.4 FM or DAB.



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