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Travelling by plate in LE1 (Leicester)

I love cooking and I can probably list a few dishes that I have made, inspired by different countries however I thought it would be more exciting to travel by plate within Leicester, my hometown. Leicester is very cultural despite never winning the city of culture (I don’t get it). We have a diverse culture can practically find every cuisine here.

I am going to take you on a travel journey just within LE1 (the Leicester City Centre postcode). It does make me sad that a lot of my favourite places are not open at the moment however, I just need to be patient and when they do open I will not be eating at home for a while.

After lock-down my palate will be travelling to several destinations via some amazing restaurants.


The Olive: They serve the best Greek street food in town. From the juiciest Souvlaki to the crispiest Spanakopita, this little independent on Belvoir street is one that transports me back to streets of Santorini. They currently offer takeaway via Just Eat.

Photos credit: The Olive


We have the best pancakes and french toast in Leicester. Yup fluffy ones with delicious toppings. There is normally a queue outside Kai (that is how popular it is) which is based in St Martins Square. Kai is the place to brunch, how can you say no to sipping on a Mimosa and tucking into a stack of red Leicester cheese, bacon, onion and maple syrup pancakes.

Also in the same independent square, is Crafty burgers. Those juicy burgers and dirty fries that you cannot get anywhere else, well we have them in Leicester. I have only tried their chicken burgers but have been told their beef ones are just to die for.

American food at its best..Now I just need that thick shake from somewhere.

Photos credit: Eat Kai & Crafty Burgers


Pizza and Gelato always take me back to Rome and Venice.

Leicester is so lucky to have an award winning Gelataria, Gelato Village. They are always creating fresh melt in your mouth Gelato with seasonal flavours. My favourite is their Kesar Mango one.

Peter’s Pizzeria opened with one mission only, to cure the injured name of pizza. The pizza is hand shaped and made with fermented sourdough. Each mouthful takes me back to the perfect pizzas we indulged in while in Italy.  

Photos credit: Gelato Village


Chloe Gourmet, makes and serves from authentic French cakes and patisseries baked in house. They believe in keeping with traditional techniques and traditions so most their ingredients come from France.

I have only tried their croissant and mmmmm; it was warm, crispy, fluffy and paired with a perfect cappuccino look me back to Paris. There is something special about French pastries…once you have had it is hard to find another great one. I am so glad we have this addition to Leicester.

Photos credit: Chloe Gourmet


Tamatanga opened last year and it has been busy every day. They cater for many tastes and have created an atmosphere where you can relax yet enjoy the buzz around you. I love their street food and spicy curries. Also I have been in there just for come masala chai and Parle G biscuits. I mean that is a perfect end to many meals.

Leicester also has Mowgli in St Martins square which is a street food restaurant with a fancy interior. Like Tamatanga I really enjoy their street food and love the idea of them having tiffins to serve you a selection of dishes.


Giggling squid recently opened and I have been twice because the city had been missing a Thai restaurant. Fresh food cooked with a lot of thought and skills, my visit took me back to Bangkok and some of the most fragrant vibrant dishes I have ever tried. Every dish was so fragrant and just how it should be.


I have never been to Japan however and hope to visit one day. For now I just dream about it by tucking into Bento boxes and Sushi and sipping on Sencha tea.

Wakaze is very popular and was set up by Chinese students. The food is innovative, authentic and fresh. It is high on my list of places to try out.

Kokoro serves hot food and sushi too. It is fast food but fresh fast food. The food is good value and quick. Freshly made everyday and great tasting too.

Photos credit: Kokoro & Wakaze


When the buddha bowl craze started I could not wait to try them. Luckily we have every aspect covered in Leicester and Korean inspired Seoul and Buddha Bowls were available at Grounded Kitchen. I can barely pronounce half the names on the menu and just go with what others have. I have never been dissapointed with the food there. Authentic colourful fresh ingredients put together to create vibrant nourishing bowls. I can only imagine the buzz of eating dishes like this in the bustling cities of Korea.

Photos credit: Grounded Kitchen


Ceviche, Empananadas, Brazilian Xim Xim and many South American dishes can be enjoyed in Bodega. I am not a big margarita fan but even they taste nice in the restaurant. The ambiance is vibrant and you get that feel of being somewhere hot, colourful and relaxing. Dishes are created by their team who have travelled across South America making them extra special too.


Two great places to get that lovely tasty satisfying fry up or mini pork bangers and some British food are James Café Bistro and Knight & Garter

James Café Bistro is a family run café that delivers the best hearty food on East Bond Street.

Knight & Garter is a gastro pub with a great atmosphere that serves some British classics like steaks and posh ham and chips. 

Sometimes you just need those classic meals right?

Photos credit: Knight & Garter and James Cafe Bistro


Turtle Bay has to be where I would go for Jerk chicken, rice and peas or even a goat one pot casserole. The taste of the their jerk prawns always remind me of the outdoor beach barbecues we had in Dominican where is that sun, sea and sand?

Photos credit: Turtle Bay

I am still in search for an African restaurant in the city however Narborough Road not far from there has a couple I need to try out. For now just within walking distance of each other, I can take my palate on a travel journey around a lot of the world.

What is your favourite cuisine?


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  1. We have a fantastic option of restaurants in Leicester, which transforms us to the sights and flavours of the world. We really are so lucky and I too am missing just being able to pop in and enjoy such a variety now.

  2. Ohhh you have some amazing eateries in Leicester! I really need to visit. I have never been. I love the sound of lots of these. I need to do a world tour in Leicester haha!

  3. You have some amazing eateries in Leicester! Next time I am in the UK I will get in touch and maybe you, Bejal and myself can hang out and we can try out some of these places xoxo

  4. With a selection like this, Leicester should absolutely be the next city of culture!

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