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Vegan Tofu Egg Nog Latte

Drink and be merry with a Japanese Twist Egg Nog Latte.

This recipe makes a tasty Eggnog Latte that is Vegan friendly. Initially the sound of tofu in a drink did not sound appetising however I can confirm now I have had it tastes nothing like you would imagine it to. It is delicious.

In addition to being Vegan, this recipe is less calorific compared to traditional recipes.

This recipe makes about 4 small glasses.

Tofu Egg Nog

• 1 pkt (349g) Yutaka Japanese-style silken tofu

• 13 fl oz soy/ almond milk

• 1 tbs vanilla extract

• 1 oz sugar

• 2 tbs soft brown sugar

• ¼ tsp ground turmeric

• Freshly grated nutmeg

• ¼ pt rum (optional)

Almond milk Bacardi tumeric brown sugar Yutaka Tofu


Combine all ingredients (apart from nutmeg and rum) in a food processor until well combined and then chill. When ready to drink add rum and mix thoroughly, pour into glasses and sprinkle nutmeg over each glass.

Blending ingredients in nutribullet

The drink has a lovely pale yellow colour to it and tastes almost like custard. I love a lot of nutmeg in mine so I added it to the drink as well as sprinkled it on top.

The cold version tastes amazing with or without the rum.

Egg nog latte

I was hoping to try it warm but it started curdling when I was heating it. Not sure if whether it was the tofu or if it was the combination of heating the drink with the rum. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Yutaka do a great range of Japanese products. This tofu by Yutaka is silken which means it’s much softer than the usual one and much more delicate and crumbly. It comes in a compact box and is available from various supermarkets for a couple of qu

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